Muslim Empire

An Arabic Empire


Out of Mecca, east to India, west across North Africa, and on into Spain.


Purpose: To spread Islam to other people

Military conquest: took about 100 years to expand

Reasons Military Conquest Succeeded: were great fighters because they believed that if they died in battle fighting for Allah that they would go directly to Jihad (Heaven); they treated conquered people fairly
Trade helped growth as well.

Battle of Tours

  • 732 AD
  • Southern France
  • French Christians under Charles "The Hammer" Martel fought the Muslims and tried to stop them from expanding farther into Europe
  • The Christians defeated the Muslims and stopped their advance
  • Some say that if the Muslims had defeated the Christians, much of the world would be Muslim

The Golden Age of The Empire

700-900 AD

A time of great learning and cultural diffusion


  • mathematics: spread Gupta math ideas; created algebra and triginometry (thanks guys)
  • astronomy: learned from the Greek; studied the stars and made astronomical tables
  • medicine: created permanent hospitals (some even held up to 8,000 patients), wrote textbooks, made a test that doctors had to pass to practice
  • Islamic Law: based on religious laws; became basis for political laws in the empire
  • architecture: influenced by Byzantine and Indian styles
  • banking: used money; allowed credit (money borrowing) to be used

The Muslims preserved the Greek and Roman ideas that they got from the Byzantine Empire and sometimes improved upon them.

Reason The Empire was the Most influencial on European Culture

  • geographic nearness to Europe
  • Muslims were great traders
  • the Crusades