Treat Trip

Day 1

Fly to Kansas City, KS at 12:00 Am Go to Crossland Economy Studios Kansas City - Northeast - Worlds of Fun, 4301 N. Corrington Ave, Kansas City, MO 64117 and unpack eat McDonald's then go to worlds of fun till 6 pm then go and eat at quick Trip. Go back to hotel and go to sleep.

Mamba roller coaster from the top

Day 2

We will bike from Kansas City to Colwich Ks

Pack up at 12:00 AM then buy bikes and bike to Colwich KS get there at 9:00 PM and go to sleep in garbage (don’t eat entire day)

The bike we will use to go to Colwich.

Day 3

Get up at 12:00 and bike to Maze, eat at Quick Trip then McDonald's, Taco Bell, Wendy's, Outback Steakhouse then go by a 2015 Corvette z06 go to Sedgwick County Zoo then drive our car back home.

Sedwick County Jail.

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2 years ago

Oops the Sedwick County Zoo is suppose to be Jail.