Qu 4: Under each food category list all the food you have eaten in that category for one whole day?

      :)The digestive system! (:

Qu 1: draw and label a picture of the digestive system .

Qu 2: Describe the digestive system.

Answer: In the digestive system there is the mouth where food enters the body. next teeth and saliva mixes with the food and makes it softer and easier to swallow. Then it goes down the esophagus. After that its goes to the stomach where it i8s mixed with acids and breaks down the food more. Next it goes to the small intestine where the liver makes bile and it is stored in the gallbladder that is put into the mushy food what is also put in is pancreatic juice which come for the pancreas.    

Above it shows the process of digestion.

Qu 3: draw and label a food pyramid? And how many servings a day?


A: Gabrielle says her eating habits are for sweets 2-4 servings, for dairy about 2-10, for protein about 2-20, for veggies about 2- 30, for fruit about 2-30, and for grains about 6-11.

There is a tagul below about the digestive system made by brandon!

Qu 5: Evaluate your eating habits. How did you do? What should you do differently to have a healthy body?

A: Brandon said he did bad because he eats too many sweet, he said he could improve by cutting down on snacks and the junk food!

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