Ariana Grande

By Courtney Hadley


If you don’t know who Ariana Grande is, you’re crazy!
If you don’t like Ariana Grande, you’re even crazier!
This young, determined girl set her mind to something-and she made it! With fame screaming her name, Ariana stays sweet and innocent. When you read this Tackk, you’ll find out about herself, her path to fame, her career, and why she’s many people’s idol…and there is no doubt that you’ll end up loving her, too! You’ve never met Ariana? You’ve never lived.


When you go to Starbucks, what drink size would you choose?
Over 10 million people would choose a Grande.
When you go to iTunes store app to buy a song…what song would you choose?
Over 100 million chose ‘The Way’.
Ariana Grande-Butera (ari-ana gron-day boo-tear-uh) has effected more lives than those numbers combined!
As you read on about Ariana, her path to fame, her career and why she’s many people’s idol…you will never stop pursuing your dream! And you need to believe…because everyone’s dream can come true.


You’re probably thinking: “Hmm…Ariana Grande. What is it and where can I get one?” And that answer will be explained in this Tackk.
First off, you can’t buy Ariana. Secondly, standing 5 foot and 1 inch tall, this 20 year old girl has seen it all through her shiny hazel eyes! Ariana is completely absolutely gorgeous! Her pale smooth complexion goes great with her medium dark brown hair!
Also, Ariana has dimples. Ariana’s fans are called Arianators (Ari-aww-nate-ers) and Tiny Elephants. With her outgoing and silly personality, Ariana is the type of person you’d want around every second! She sometimes takes silly photos and uploads them, and others call it #swagiana or #silliana or #creepiana. Hey-you have to admit; Ariana is ARImazing!


In Boca Raton, Florida, 1993, an angel was born. Ariana was a happy and hyper child, with an older brother named Frankie. Joan and Edward Grande are the parents of Ariana and Frankie.
Suddenly when Ariana was 7 years old, Joan and Edward divorced! This was an extremely hard time for Ariana. She could not sleep or eat for quite some time. All she did was sit…and think.
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, you count the numbers until 13! 13 is definitely a lucky number for Ariana! As you may have already assumed, Ariana was 13 when she reached BROADWAY! In the production, ’13 the Musical’, Ariana played the role of a geek! Singing and dancing, she definitely got into big time! At the time, Ariana was super pale and had black curly hair that was thick. (In comparison to now, Ariana has wavy light brown hair.) As a result, her curly hair made Ariana seem more young than 13.
The Grande girl created a YouTube account, titled ‘osnapitzari’. Her first video was her and a friend lip syncing and dancing to the song ‘Wannabe’ by the Spice Girls. Then, Ariana didn’t know she would be extremely famous one day!
“Madness is genius, imperfection is beauty, and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring!” Ariana quoted.
And speaking of absolutely ridiculous…
Ariana auditioned for a role of the mindless ‘Cat’ on the up-coming TV show, ‘Victorious’. That character was un-controllably hilarious!
Ariana played it better than anyone else in the world. As a result, Ariana had to dye her brown hair a red-velvet red shade, because the producer didn’t want all brunettes on the show! Ariana stood out even more! Already with Ariana’s silly personality, her role of Cat Valentine: a red head teenager who never seems to understand, made Ariana famous!
This “absolutely ridiculous” character touched may’s hearts.
Ariana’s famous saying, from her character Cat, always says:
“What’s that supposed to mean?!” and
“What-y?” and last but not least,
The hit show won an award from K.C.A, was nominated ‘Best Nickelodeon Show’. In the summer of 2013, many fans were extremely upset and shocked that ‘Victorious’ came to an end.
Ariana Grande (Cat),
Victoria Justice (Tori),
Daniella Monet (Trina),
Elizabeth Gillies (Jade),
Leon Thomas the 3rd (Andre),
Avon Jogia (Beck),
Matt Bennett (Robbie),
Mikey Reed (Sinjin),
and more were let down because they couldn’t produce any more episodes of the show. From 2011-2013, Victorious had new episodes coming along! But, no more new episodes are made. There are constant re-runs of ‘Victorious’ on the Nickelodeon channel on TV.
For the first time ever for Ariana, she was awarded her bestselling song, ‘The Way’ to be Platinum! THAT IS A HUGE HONOR! Ariana’s song went Platinum! All her fans went crazy, and some more fans became fans of Ariana just from listening to that spectacular song! June 2013 was a big day for the Grande family!
Later in August, Jennette Mccurdy from the hit show ‘iCarly’, and Ariana were seen by millions of people. Why? Because Ariana and Jennette had a new TV show together! It’s called ‘Sam & Cat’ and is on each Saturday at 8:00 P.M. The show is already such a hit that the first season amount of episodes doubled from 20 to 40!
On September 3rd, a big moment clashed through the internet! Ariana produced her first album! (The songs will be mentioned later) From 2011-2013, Ariana worked HARD, HARD, HARD! It was 3rd place on the charts in iTunes, and quickly worked its way up to #1! Fans screamed with delight and immediately bought the album!
27 days later (September 30th) the album was sold in stores and some stores sold out of Ariana’s album the first day it was released!
In October 2013, Ariana promised when she reached 10 million followers on Twitter, she would release a new pop song called ‘Pink Champagne’. Obviously within a couple days, Ariana reached 10.2 million followers! Her song has not been released on iTunes yet. But it will happen…soon! Ariana has much more to come, but that is how she got SO famous! It inspires many people to never give up-even if the obstacle in front of you is taller than you.


The extraordinary Ariana Grande is a professional singer who has a bestselling album, ‘Yours Truly’. Here are the tracks on the album in order!
1. Honeymoon Avenue
2. Baby I
3. Right There (feat. Big Sean)
4. Tattooed Heart
5. Piano
6. Daydreamin’
7. The Way (feat. Mac Miller)
8. Almost Is Never Enough (feat. Nathan Sykes from The Wanted)
9. You’ll Never Know
10. Popular Song (feat. MIKA)
11. Better Left Unsaid
A song that is not on her album is ‘Put Your Hearts Up’, which was made in 2011. It is still on iTunes, but never on a C.D. Ariana quotes “I would never change my album; I love it exactly the way it is!”
Ariana is also an actress, obviously. A new episode of ‘Sam & Cat’ premieres on each Saturday at 8:00 P.M! The main characters are…

Cat Valentine (Ariana Grande)
Sam Puckett (Jennette McCurdy)
Dice (Cameron Ocasio)

And there are more appearances on ‘Sam & Cat’ because they have a babysitting service called:
Sam & Cat’s Super Rockin’ Fun Time Babysitting Serivice!
Ariana is amazing in every way, but her acting and singing shine like all the stars in the sky! You know what? Nothing can compare to Ariana’s charm.
To tell the truth, Ariana does not try to be perfect. Perfect tried to be Ariana, and perfect succeeded!
Ariana is an amazing girl with a breathtaking background story, (you should be able to remember that part because it was in this Tackk!) and continues to be great! Ariana gives up-lifting speeches, and her singing voice is wonderstruck and millions of people admire it! She is sweet and loves and cares for her fans! Ariana Grande is so hilarious that when you start laughing; guaranteed your ribs will hurt! But it is so worth it!
Ariana is filled with beauty and passion, and continuing to get more fans every minute! Wow. Ariana is truly ARImazing!


Most 15 year olds are taller than the 20 year old Ariana. But that’s because they didn’t have an eating problem at 7 years old. But Ariana is so fascinating the way she is!
So now you know about the description of Ariana, her story to fame, her career, and why she’s many people’s idol. So now, when you go home later today, you should listen to her songs! Think about that. And maybe you’ll love her so much and become a fan! Like millions of people, “Ariana is my queen!”


iTunes :
An app for devices where you can purchase music and download it and listen to it

Platinum :
A rank for a song that has been professionally produced and many download it and it is most listened to and most popular song

Victorious :
A Nickelodeon TV show that has been cancelled but has re-runs

Sam & Cat :
A new Nickelodeon TV show that shows new episodes at 8:00 PM each Saturday evening

iCarly :
A Nickelodeon TV show that has been cancelled but has re-runs

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