8th Period:  Malik H, Jimmie K, Sapphire M, Michael R.

This image was taken at Hanson stadium from the football game. Me, Antonio (quarterback), Jeff, and Marshawn is blocking for Antonio. We are showing that we are a team. We are always surrounding the ball. No matter what happens on the field, we will always play as a team.


I will be talking about sports. Sports are a big part of our everyday lives. If it’s from basketball to football, we play sports to keep ourselves active. Sometimes we play sports just so we can relief ourselves, be ourselves, and express ourselves. We love sports and everything about them.

Football game

Before Al Raby football game they gather the captain of the team and get them ready for the coin toss.

Before school start

Before school start at the Al Raby high school; the gather everyone in the lunch room, so we can eat breakfast and chill time before a hardworking day at school.

Math Class

In math class at Al Raby high School we come ready and prepared to work.

Image of me and Briana on the 4th floor in the chemistry room. You have a little freedom to do things if you participate in class, be respectful, and complete your work.

After the family reunion me, my cousins, my brother, my uncle, my stepdad, and my granddad decided to take a picture. Family is everything and I love my family. No one will ever have your back like family.

Image of my niece taken out south at the bus stop. My niece is becoming a big girl.


It happened on a Thursday evening at 5:11 PM. I was sitting in the house when Joseph challenged me to play NBA 2K13 on the Xbox 360. We had a bet whoever wins get Thirty dollars. I played with Oklahoma and he played with Miami. He also bet me that if I play with only Kevin Durant. I will get an extra five dollars. I scored 129 points with Kevin Durant and won the game.

This was taken after I won defensive MVP and strongest underclassman at the NUC combine. You can achieve anything if you work hard and give it your all.

Hamlin. As we practiced, the team and the old homeless people watched the smoke This image was taken from Garfield park football field on Jackson and from the fire. Our city isn’t perfect, but you never know what to expect.

Theme for English B

They asked me for a page about my life. I told them my name is Malik and asked what they wanted to know. Is he a conceited kid? Is he cocky? Is he arrogant or a show off? Well I am a humble kid, who came from humble beginnings. Grew up in a 3 bedroom apartment with only my two sisters, one brother, and my mother. My mother worked all day every day to provide for us. Put a ruff over heads, food in our mouths, clothes on our backs. When times get hard I always know that my granddad would have my back. He’s the reason why I’m doing well in school, and playing football. I was supposed to go to a private school and play football for Brother Rice, but the way the money was set up, I was going to enroll in Chicago Public Schools. When I first started playing football for Raby, I wasn’t the best. I had to battle for my respect on the field. But my sophomore year was when I really blossomed into a good player. I finished with 49 tackles and 3.5 sacks. I was named all-conference player. But this year, the start of junior year I’m elite. I already have 3 college offers, 30 tackles, 4 sacks and I’ve been interviewed for the Sun Times newspapers. I’m doing real well.

By: Malik Haynes

This picture was taking outside of Al Raby High school. Located on the west side of Chicago. We was standing in front of the school, waiting a ride and the police officers came out to make sure things was going alright.