Location/Description: Modern high school in Santa Clara, California

What is taught: Math, ELA, Social Studies, IT classes, Computer classes, Science,

Students: 9th-12th grade students, ages 13-17, CO-ED

Teachers: Normal Professors

When School is in Session: 9:00 (allows students to be more productive during the day) to 3:30

Number of Students: about 450, 500 max

School Mission: Creating a Learning Environment Through Technology

Materials: Each student will have their own workstation, big enough for an iMac desktop, keyboard, mouse, and other a storage compartment, and can be supplied with pens, pencils, etc.When students walk around the school, instead of a heavy backpack, all they will carry is an iPad, depending on the most recent release (iPad Air 2). On the iPad, students will have multiple apps to take notes, read textbooks, take tests, etc. Throughout the year, students will have a virtual calendar and folder to keep track of grades, schedules, tutoring times, extra-curricular activities, and so on.Teachers will have smartboards to teach the class, iPads, and their own iMac for their desk.

Handling of Problems: If a student ever misbehaves or uses their iPad in an inappropriate way, then their iPad will be taken from them for as long as the teacher feels and they will have to use notebooks and textbooks. Suspension, detention, or expulsion will also be punishments.

Learning or Not: Students will have a special calendar just for them that will be connected with all of their teachers. Each day, students will have to fill out a form of questions about everything they've learned throughout the day. This calender will also be shared with the student's teachers so they can monitor how that student is doing.

Motivation: After each year, students will have an overall grade and conduct of how they've done throughout the year.

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