sorry no more pictures because all the computers would not show an URL on any images I looked at.

My name is Jackson .R. Ashworth and my life has gone from ok to god awful and back again. Mostly from my ok-ish house, pretty ok-ish family, and unique good-ish intrest. Just let me try to type them. But keep all hands and and feet in your seat at all times no out side food and drinks have a good day and prepare for the train wreck ahead. Anything related to star wars, Action anime, romantic comedy anime, criticizing said anime, chess, youtube gamers/informers, survival gaming, action gaming, first person shooter gaming, criticizing said games, survival books, 90s cartoons, early to mid 2000s cartoons, criticizing said cartoons, hating 2006-20011 cartoons, ranting about how much I hate said bad cartoons, hating corperate greed, and ranting about said corperate greed. Some have asked if theres a signifigant point in my life, to answer that yes. Was it good, definitly not was it stupid yes, did it get rid of any chance to pitch in mayjor leage baseball yes, what was it you ask well it was what I like to call the great tragedy, in other words when I was 7 my friend dared me to jump off my swingset as high as I could go so I did and flew probaly 25 feet and landed on my right arm broke it and forever gave myself bad hand righting and the worst throw on earth. oh and I basically screamed my head off like a littlte girl for 2  1/2  hours. The manliest thing in the universe right ladys /:> ............probaly not. Ok moving on! And to end the question what is right in life, drum roll please, Most things like my house, family, friends, and school.


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