Meghan's October PE Project

Option #3 - Jog Log 3 Points

For this option, I chose a route on the app MapMyRide, and biked around it twice. Then on the third time, I rode a different route a couple of times to get 7.35 miles. In total, it took me 1 hour, 31 minutes and 19 seconds to bike 11.49 miles.

Option #13 - Fitness Class 2 Points

My fitness class is a dance class, and I take it at Power of Dance (POD). The class is called Hip Hop 11+, and it is one hour long once a week.
My description: I think that many people should take this class, for a couple of reasons. First, joining a dance class allows for many opportunities to make friends. I have met 4 new people so far, and they are all very nice. It also is a good source of exercise, which is good during the winter because it is harder to get outside. Next, it helps some people with stage fright, because you learn to get used to performing in front of people. Finally, taking a class like this can help your flexibility and strength.

Option #4 - Mountain Bay Trail 1 Point

Option #2 - Disc Golf Park 4 Points

Disc Golf Video

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