NASA C-130 GOX Project

Nick Mosher, Andrew Bradshaw, Ryan Kraus

At our stay here at NASA, we worked on the Gaseous Oxygen (GOX) backup breathing system for the C-130 aircraft.  This aircraft is used for various scientific experiments, and has a non-pressurized cabin and cockpit, requiring a specialized oxygen delivery system.

Above, a diagram of the GOX system can be seen.  The parts are as follows:

  1. Oxygen Cylinders (DOT 3HT) which contain ~76 cubic feet of oxygen.
  2. High-pressure flex lines, used to transport the oxygen to the manifold.
  3. High-pressure fill valve, which allows oxygen into the system from an external source.
  4. Fireproof <metal> Manifold allows flow between the oxygen cylinders and the rest of the system.
  5. Pressure reducing regulator converts high pressure flow from the oxygen cylinders (up to 1825 psi) into a low pressure environment for breathing use.
  6. Overboard discharge indicator shows when oxygen is being offloaded for pressure relief.
  7. Oxygen pressure relief valve releases oxygen in the case of a failure in the pressure reducing regulator.
  8. Isolation Valve
  9. [Removed]
  10. High-pressure gauge indicates the remaining pressure in the oxygen cylinders.
  11. Low-pressure gauge indicates the pressure after reduction.
  12. 37° Flare Brass TEE connects the GOX system to the LOX system on the C-130.