FLUSHEEZ is the new product that you can put a chemical on it to dissolve tampons so that they can be flushed. It eliminates the use of the nasty sanitary trash cans needed for the disposal of the tampons. We picked this product because since we are girls we understand how horrible regular tampons can be. No one has made a product like ours. Karlie will run the day to day operations and be in charge of the work schedules. Brooke will be in charge of discipline and letting people go if needed. Lastly Becca will be in charge of all the bills of running the factory. We will raise funds by having bake sales and car washes, also by asking for donations. Our goals for this year are to have 300,000 women using our product. We will also get our supplies from Kotex. The barriers for entering are getting the product approved by the health department. Yes our product is a commodity. Our market is Perfect Competition. Also the start up costs are getting the chemicals and tampons needed. Also the costs of buying or building the factory and the machinery.

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