The World of Harry Potter

OK, let's face it, Harry Potter is everywhere!!!

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's stone was published in Britain on June 26, 1997

But was published in America in September 1998 as "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone"

(because, apparently Americans are too
dumb to understand the word "philosopher")

The first movie (made by Warner Bros) was released on November 14, 2001. There are 7 books, and 8 movies in total. (the last one was split into two parts in the movie)

Even though Harry Potter is a worldwide phenomenon, people still judge it harshly because it has wizards and magic


J. K. Rowling makes about
$8 per SECOND

In total, about $24,851,000,000
were made (movies, books,
& other merchendise)

The least financially successful Harry Potter
movie made $90 million more than the
most successful Twilight movie!

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i was just watching harry potter last night

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wow izzy

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JK Rowling deserves all the money....I MEAN SERIOUSLY WHO DOESN'T LOVE THE BOOKS?!?!