My Hometown “Ulsan”
My hometown is Ulsan located south area’s sea-coast of South Korea, so Ulsan has several ports. Long time ago, Jang-Saeng-Po is the most famous port for whale hunting port in Korea. These days, we can’t hunt whales as you know. Therefore, we can’t find whale hunting anywhere. But we can find the whale museum in Jang-Saeng-Po area. And we can see real whales at whale ecology experience center. And also there is a tour that we can meet real whale in the sea.Ulsan has become the synonyms of Korea’s industrial growth. Ulsan has lots of company because there is a big industrial complex because having several good port. The most famous company is Hyundai Group including Hyundai Motor, Hyundai Heavy Industry Group, Hyundai shipyard. So, there are so many people for working around 1.2 million population in Ulsan. And there is the Ulsan Munsu soccer stadium which was used 2002 Korea-Japan World Cup. Now Ulsan pro soccer team uses that for home ground. And Ulsan citizen enjoy and have a good time as a sports park. I also went there often for enjoying inline-skating.This is my hometown, Ulsan.

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