Week 7: Writing Is Analyzing

Get started on Week 7:

  1. I'll be grading essay 2 this week, using the rubric and putting mark-up comments on your paper. I should have all papers done by Friday, but if I get bogged down, look for an email from me. All feedback from me will appear in the MY GRADES area.
  2. Don't be too alarmed that you will write and revise Essay 3 this week. It's not really an essay at all; it's more like an informal analysis paper based on instructor prompts. You won't be using a formal thesis, intro or conclusion, for example. The point of essay 3 is to demonstrate you can analyze texts, which means breaking them down to look at specific parts.

Reach out to me, Martha Schwer, your instructor, if you are overwhelmed by the end of the semester OR if you are not doing well so far in this course and are considering dropping to save your GPA from total disaster.

Email me with a time that would be convenient for you to talk to me, and I'll do my best to help you understand your situation. There's no need to come to campus, either; we can talk on the phone or visit via SKYPE or another virtual conference service. Make your appointment at schwer@madisoncollege.edu (preferred) or phone 608-246-6172. If you have computer problems or need help with Word, phone the computer help desk at 608-243-4444 or toll-free 1-866-277-4445.

Recap of Week 6 Learning:

Last week, you learned a lot about how to self-evaluate your own work and improve it using feedback and from others. That's a vital life-skill. Becoming emotional or defensive in the face of criticism is very common, and it can really affect your life because people will stop working with you to improve. If you aren't getting feedback (even if it's critical) it means people have given up trying to help you. And that's a sad, bad thing. Maintaining that growth mindset means you seek feedback, and learn to improve using it. If you did that last week, you should feel very good about where you're at! Keep up the great attitude!

Learning Objectives for Week 7:

This week, you'll be developing your analysis skills to examine the research your peers did in Essay 2. Analysis is a very common assignment in academic writing, and by the end of this week, you'll be able to:

  • define analysis as a writing purpose
  • explain the thinking moves involved in writing analysis paragraphs
  • participate in a writing community
  • enter an academic discourse community when evaluating source usage

“We  write  to  taste  life twice,  in  the  moment  and  in retrospect.”
Anaïs Nin