Genetics diseases

Genetic diseases are diseases passed down maybe from a mom or dad or from someone else. Genetic diseases are rare and its comes naturally.  Its in the DNA passed down. Most likely it would be like high blood pressure or something wrong with someones kidneys. How it comes is by genetic trait disorders. It impacts them by making them different. Most of the passed down diseases are not fatal but most of them are not curable

Environmental diseases

environmental diseases are diseases that can be directly attributed to environmental factors (as distinct from genetic factors or infection). How its caused is by ex poser to like bad waste or something rotting or something that has a lot of germs on it. It could mutate a animal or hurt it. There isn't a cure but people can stop it before it happens.  It could be in the air.

Lifestyle choices

Its what we do every day.

Some people decide to do or eat nasty things that could make people sick or stay out in the rain or cold.

It could get very serious or just simple sick and it would make people feel bad.

There are cures for the little things like a cold but other stuff like cancer nope.