Where Do I Come From?

Where do I come from? I always find this to be an interesting question in my family. I guess I should start with who this is in the picture and why I have this question considering the age of the photograph. This elegant woman is my great-great grandmother on my mother’s side. I recently came in to possession of this photograph after my grandmothers passing in 2010. Knowing my love of photography, mother thought this would make an excellent keepsake and she was right.

Although my current family is (now) very tight knit, our history is a little checkered. My mother was adopted as an infant by my grandparents who did not want to continue to have children of their own after having had given birth to my aunt who, at the time, was believed to have a hereditary disability. From what my mother understood, she was given birth by a very young woman who was a part of high society. Now, for all we know, this was a fabricated story to help my mother understand the adoption process, but we will never know. Regardless, it was a fabulous story of how she came into their modest, but loving little world.

On my father’s side the history stops even sooner! Him and his brother were abandoned by their father and were raised solely by their mother. In Argentina, it was rare to see a woman raise two boys at home in the height of a very violent government, but she was a pretty tough cookie. Needless to say it wasn’t an amicable separation so all I have to go on is a few tidbits from my grandmother’s side to guide me.

Seeing this colorful past, you can only image how many unanswered questions I have about where I come from. What I do know is that I come from a long line of tough women that I can only hope to imitate in strength and perseverance. I know that my family loves me and has always worked hard to keep me in comfort and safety even if that meant sacrificing their own happiness. I know that the woman in this picture had to be strong, loving and devoted to her children in order for me to be here at this point in my life. What I also know is that I will continue this path of strength and instill those values into my daughter as she grows because that is what my family does, we persevere.

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2 years ago

Thank you for sharing this precious photograph and your family's story with us. Cheers to continuing your family's "long line of tough women." :)