ScrapES Book #4

Planting A Tree

Planting a tree. It was a very simple task I thought I would never actually do in my lifetime, but through this phenomenal class and school that goal was completed. It was a fun experience and it really helped me see the greatness and true beauty nature has to offer. I love this idea since it feels like our class is one big happy family that is going to watch over and guard this wonderful thing for years to come even when we are all gone from Marist. It will be forever be a reminder of this environmental science class mod G 2014-2015. Other classes will always remember us for this act. The classes will look up to us which will cause them to do even BETTER acts to help save the environment and benefit Marist even more. The tree will be a massive symbol for what Marist offers here. Love, family, and hard work. All these characteristics went into planting this tree and all will forever be shown through Marist no matter subject. This activity was truly a fun and monumental thing for Marist and will forever be a great deed done by the best environmental science class out there.

The Best Day of My Life

Easily the best day of my life. In our class we took a field trip to palos to test the water in the rivers of this forest preserve. We took turns testing while some groups walked the preserve to really take in and get a feel for the beauty of nature. After my group  toured the forest, we took some time to test the river water that ran through the forest. We found some healthy statistics about the water and thought about the worksheets we did in class. After that we had our turn in the river to catch some species to really have a more idealistic view of the river. The time we spent was extremely fun and full of knowledge. I learned a lot of this experience that I hope I can carry with for the rest of my life,

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2 years ago

I'm glad you had a great time on the field trip. Thanks for a great year! 50/50