things to do when your bored

things to do when your bored :

1. watch a movie or two

2. try to lick you elbow

3. do a phone prank

4. try to lick your face

5. dance on your street and dance like you dont care

6. try to open a door with your feet

7. take a shower with your clothes on

8. try to lick your feet

9. read a book ar two

10. do so origami

11. do seven minutes of exersize

12. write your very own book

13. daydream

14. enjoy a relaxing bath

15. make a random list

16. write a poem

17. draw somthing

18. listen to music

19. make a movie

20. do some sort of craft

21. make up a game and play it

22. play a board game   

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