Personalised Rulers – Reasons To Think About Using Them As A Marketing Strategy

There are many ways in which you can think about establishing your brand in the market. In fact, there are many interesting and exciting ways in which you can impress potential customers and try to woo them into buying your products or services. Each of these options come with their own set of advantages and disadvantages. Some have an exponential reach but tend to be overtly expensive and are thus out of reach for small business organisations. Others are easier on the pocket but lack in influential power. Using promotional gifts and freebies happens to be a great ides among this array of advertising options and personalised rulers can be a great product to use in this category.

There are many benefits of using personalised rulers as promotional giveaways for your marketing campaign. Let us look more closely at some of them..

  • Higher perceived value: When you use rulers as part of your promotional gifting campaign, you are making your customers feel more important and appreciated. Any television advertisement does not offer this level of personalised engagement and interaction. This is why promotional freebies like personalised rulers are considered to have a higher perceived value than advertisements. This means that the costs of ordering the items are outweighed by the positive reputation you are fostering.
  • Better targeting: These rulers allow you to go for a more targeted approach with your marketing strategy. Need to impress the architects and engineers community? Get customised triangular rulers and scale rulers designed as a giveaway. Need to target the kids? Have personalised rulers created with cartoons and funky patterns in addition to your brand information. You can gain a much more targeted edge to your advertising campaign as compared to TV advertisements with the help of these freebies.
  • Complement your marketing efforts: If you have a much more elaborate marketing plan devised for your company, you can use these promotional rulers as a supplemental addition, making your central advertising strategy more focused and refined. Say, you have planned a trade fair or exhibition to showcase your products.. Using promotional giveaways will only strengthen your marketing efforts and ensure that customers remember you even after they leave the event.
  • Give life to your brand: Promotional freebies are an excellent branding strategy that is used across the world by many organisations, irrespective of their size, market or industry. Personalised rulers provide a unique extension to your brand that essentially gives it 'life'. Rather than being a logo or a name, you are a part of the consumer's life in either a practical or entertaining way.

There are many ways in which you can get personalised rulers created for your advertising campaign. The internet offers many exclusive service providers that are engaged specifically in the work of helping companies come up with more effective and targeted promotional giveaways and schemes. is an extremely useful website that everyone looking to get personalised rulers made should take advantage of.

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