An Animal Cell is like a Construction Site

By: Alexis Dyser and Valerie Venier

The caution tape and fence around a construction site is like the cell membrane of a cell. It surrounds the cells interior and controls what goes in and out of the cell.

The plot of land acts as the Cytoplasm. It is what holds everything in the cell/allows a place for the things to be built.

Blueprints act as the Nucleus. It holds the information needed for the things in the construction site to do their jobs.

Power lines (electric source) are like the Mitochondria. They produce energy needed for the machines to operate.

Cranes, lifts, loaders, and other types of equipment are like the Endoplasmic Reticulum. They are used to transport supplies to different parts of the construction site.

The tools used to help build a building are like the Ribosomes. They use materials (proteins) to build it up.

A red-ribbon ceremony is like the Golgi Apparatus. It completes the final job.

A dumpster is like Lysosomes. It takes the waste and "digests" it, or holds it to be taken to a dump.

Portable bathrooms are like Peroxisomes. They are in charge of toxic waste removal.

Construction workers are like the Cilia/Flagella. They move materials around the construction site.

Specific jobs for certain people are like the Centrioles. They help the work done on the site divide to different people.

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