The effect of using Aluminum foil to Reduce Heat in a house Pt.2

Isabella Rudani

The insulation I would use would be a reflective insulator. This is because it reflects radiated heat very well, especially in sunny ares. But, the insulation would be placed on the inside of the walls, and not the out side so that a plane does not land on my house, and I believe that it works better when placed on the inside of the house.

I would use solar power for electricity in my house. I will place solar panels on the roof of my house facing east and west so that it will collect sun when it is rising and setting during the day. I would have more roof space on the west side of the house as well as more solar panels on that side. This is because the sun is at it's hottest when setting so the panels would get a lot of heat and energy during that time of day.

By making my home water efficient, I will have a solar hot water system installed, Condensing boiler and an old boiler out which will help with heating water and the use of other appliances.

To allow air flow and control of convection, I will place windows around the house but it will have the roof above it. This will allow winter sun/heat to enter the house because at that time of year the sun will directly face the windows. With the roof, It will block the summer sun/heat so that the house wont be so hot.

The houses front door will face north while the back faces south. This will allow more space on the roof for the east and west sides. During this, this sun will rise in the east heating the solar panels on that side, and set on the west heating the other panels on the other side so that there is enough soar energy absorbed.

Trees will be placed in the front of the house as well as the back. Smaller trees will be placed on the left and right sides of the houses so the windows will not allow a lot of heat to enter the house.

My windows wont be very big so that not much heat can enter or escape the house. My doors will be standard wooden doors. They will not be huge but enough to block the sun when it faces in our direction.


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