The Gardener by S.A. Bodeen
By: Kat Swinscoe

My prediction is: think the man is going to grow out of the ground. I'm technically right because, tubes connected to him. The tubes are inside of him.

The term is Autotroph because, those tubes inside them self-feed them all.

My two questions are,'' Is the father the Gardener?'' "Is Mason's dad a plant?"

Yes, Soloman is his dad and the Gardener.

The answer to the other question is Technically, because the tubes are filled with green liquid.

The setting is described as an isolated cabin in Portland, Oregon with nearby people or stores.

TroDyns described as a scientist laboratory that do tests on humans. Melby falls described as a small town where everybody knows everybody. And the mom works at the Heaven of Peace.

I think the Human Experimentation is wrong because, it's not right to experiment on humans. Why? Because, if the tests goes wrong and they do it to other people, it's a risk of them living.

Climate Change: is global or regional climate patterns, all the pollution in the air.

Why is it a problem? 

It's a problem because, the climate change affects the air with all the factories, and pollution.

What is a food crisis?

Food Crisis: is were people have a shortage of food.

Why is it a problem?

It's a problem because, if us humans don't have food or water, we will die. We can't survive with out it.

Revise my answer to Climate change and Food crisis.

I put Climate Change: a change in global or regional climate patterns.

Food Crisis: long and extreme shortage of food.

The climate change affects the food crisis by all the smoke in the air. It probably goes into the factories the food is made in.

Summarize 'Dear Future Generations: Sorry" by Prince E.A.

I put "He states all the true stuff that's really going on in the world today. We the people did kill trees to make what we use everyday.($Money$)

Revise my answer:

I put in The Gardener by S.A. Bodeen and "Dear Future Generations: Sorry by Prince E.A. The authors discuss the seven generations principle and how it can affect the environment.

The Karner Blue is a butterfly.

It lives in dry sandy areas with open woods and clearings like fire barrens lake shore dunes, and sandy pines prairies that contain lots of wild blue lupine.

The problems there isn't a lot of them left in the world.

The Karner Blue is important because in The Gardener, Layla and Soloman have the same tattoos. They're both the same butterfly on the right forearm.

The Seventh Generation principle is refereed to in regards to regards to decisions being made about our energy water and natural resources .

It's important because, to the Gardener because, they're saving people from the food crisis and the climate change.

So they put them into the greenhouse, so when the earth runs out of all that, those people will be saved.  

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