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So what is a recession proof residual income opportunity?

Simple; The Electricity and Natural Gas business.

Think about it. Recession Proof. People will cut out other things that are in the budget in order to pay their electricity and natural gas. We ALL NEED electricity and natural gas in our modern day life. How many things would we NOT have if we did not pay that bill? Lights, alarm systems, computers, cell phone charges, cooking, heating, hot water for showers and things like that.

It is a necessity! So ask yourself this question: Wouldn't it be nice to get a piece of this pie going directly to your bank account for every person you sign up with no money out of your pocket If you live or refer someone in NY,NJ,PA,MD,OH,CT, or IL. All others pay only 19.50 per month to take part in this amazing home based business opportunity!!! North American Power is an amazing company because they donate $1 to the charity of your choice each month and they give you the opportunity to earn money that you can pretty much do whatever you would like to do with it or you could use it to pay your utility bill so its like getting your bill paid for FREE !! With North American Power we are reducing our dependency on foreign oils and creating and sustaining job here in OUR USA!!!

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