Bruce Ogden, a Colorado Resident, and the Constitution

Bruce Ogden of Colorado is a history buff that has a special admiration for the United States Constitution. He is especially fond of the story of how the United States came to be and how the country struggled with oppression from a foreign land. What started with a handful of rebels grew to be a country over the course of just a few years. Once that monumental struggle was settled, and the country was born, the founders set about to establishing the structure that they felt would cement the rights of the people for as long as the country would endure. That document is the Constitution of the United States. The Constitution is a great historical document that was composed with a mindset that puts the rights of people before the government. It also clearly established that the rights of man are bestowed by their Creator. Thus, the government has no ability to establish, define or impede on a person’s rights. Over time, the Constitution has been modified through the process of ratification at times in history when it was needed. He feels however that in modern times this principle of a living Constitution has taken hold of the government and the minds of the people. This is unfortunate because the result has been a pattern of increasing governmental power upon the lives of people. At the same time, the citizens seem to be losing their rights in a number of interesting ways that are a reflection of this loss of adherence to constitutional principles.

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