Let's learn with The Quixote
and the children!!

A teacher of Childhood education called Patricia, in order to improve childhood education through the development of the culture,offered me the posibility of sharing some drawings from her students, to be finished by you.

I thought it could be a great idea,so, I tried to do my best to invent an interesting activity to create something related to Don Quixote... So I proposed her to include some recordings made by the childs,becouse it could touch your heart... as it happened. And after it... Let's start the lesson watching some videos that will be a sort of inspiration to your next works.

-Illustration made by Gustav Doré. You can learn lots of things related to their drawing reading this interesting link-

First at all we are going to watch some videos related to Don Quijote, to inspire our work. Keep your eyes on them,and notice the differences between our vision of La Mancha and Don Quijote,it's quite interesting to notice them...

Illustration made by Pablo R. Picasso,you can learn somethingmore reading this link.

Now it's your turn!!!
What shall we do?


What are we going to do? We are going to use drawings from childs on their 4 to 6 years old,to create something new. We are going to learn in a really intuitive way, proportion and color. After it,we are going to use a pair of really easy tools to improve the drawings...


After finishing the drawings we are going to add your own thoughts and feelings making this drawings,and try to make a brief description of the things you have added: the background, the character,the landscape... with a Voki avatar. Oneof them you'll do it in English,andanother one in Spanish language.

These are the tools we are going to use,and their respective tutorials. -Just in case you'll find some sort of doubt later,when you finish the work at home...-