How did Saturn got it's name?

Saturn got it's name by ancient Romans after their god of farming. They belived Saturn taught people to farm. Also Saturn was the roman god of time. The day of the week we call Saturday is also named after Saturn.

What is Saturn made of?

Saturn is mostly made of liquid and gas and it's all below clouds. If you went to Saturn you wouldn't be able to land your spaceship, it would just sink. It's core is solid rock. Also Saturn's core may be hotter than the sun's surface.

What is Saturn's rings made of?

Did you know Saturn has thousands of rings, but from far away it looks like one solid ring. If you get close enough you could see it's made of billions of pieces of ice and rock. The pieces are all diffrent sizes. Some are as small as a grain of sand, others are the sizes of a house. Many think that Saturn's ring material comes from shattered moons, comets, and asteroids. Saturn's ring system is very wide. It's spread out over a distance of 175,000 miles, and only a few hundred feet thick.

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