Pollux, The Star
By: Tanay Singhal

     Pollux is a star in the northern constellation of Gemini, the Twins. It is a yellowish evolved giant star with an orange hue. It is the brightest star in the constellation and is 17th brightest in the sky. The star has a temperature of 8,360 F and is just under 10 times the diameter of the sun, making it a little less than 8 million miles across. The giant star lies close to Earth, about 35 light-years away. Pollux prominent in evening skies from late fall through spring each year.

     Pollux is classified as a “K0IIIb” star. The "K0" means that Pollux is somewhat cooler than then sun and the “III” is a luminosity class designator indicating the amount of energy it is putting out, which depends on its size. A type-III star is considered a “normal” giant or just a giant. The “b” indicates that Pollux is slightly below the average luminosity for this class. Counting all forms of radiation, Pollux is about 46 times more energetic than our sun.

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