Letter Home

Dear Family on Neptune,

     I have landed in a place called "Hawaii"  on Planet Earth. I am taking pictures and videos of everything here. I accidentally touched this red stuff I call bleeblook. It really hurt my hand and half my hand is gone.

It is very hot in Hawaii. I am swimming in a pool because I am glowing  really bad. The pool feels really good cause it is a cold liquid. I bought an animal people call a dog and named it after grandpa. He really can't wait to meet you guys.

I can't wait to get home and show you everything I found here. I have a new friend named Joey. He said he wanted to come over to my house and I told him I live on Neptune. He said he didn't believe me so can you send me a picture through space male. I am coming home in a week so about 24 days. I will see you in a week.



                                                                                                        Rollo Cocoanodavis

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