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Indoesian work

My teacher ibu gives all of her classers indoesian rules so the we can get better at studing. Also because I then her will know if we need more help or we are doing ok or really good.

science work

This subject was about saving a animal that is needed help. So I did mine on the panda's, all of the sizes are up there.



by Morris Gleitzman

Compulsory question

Who do you think is the hero of the story? Justify your answer. (In a short paragraph)

I think that it is Grace because she gets her family back together, but she didn't stop trying to get

to get there agin.

12/. Do you think it is a “happy ending”?  Give reasons for your answer.

I think that it is a happy ending because the family is back to get there and that's what makes a

happy ending.

6/.  Look at the 2 accidents in the novel - one in Chapter 4 and one in Chapter 26.

  How do these events act as turning points in the story?

Chapter 4 mr gospel had a car crash in the bus and Grace was talking to a outsiders and

got touched by the little boy that is an outsider.

In chapter 26 Mr gosper crashed into a pizza delivery car and wasn't happy with it.

1/.  Why do you think the main character is named 'Grace'?  (Look up this word in your

dictionary to gain a deeper understanding.)

I think the the name grace is the main character because grace is a god surtof

name and that story is about god and Mary and all of others people and so that why

I think the name grace is the main character

in English we had to read grace as a grade and then we had a test on it and this is mine


What is Fitness to me?

Some people view fitness differently because all people lose weight in different way.

Not all people can lose weight the same way.

And what they weight, there age, do they do drags and if  they smoke.


Food tec work

Breakfast in considered an important meal of the day because it breaks the overnight fasting period, and provides you with the right nutrients and vitamins to last you throughout the day.

After a good night rest, your body has gone eight to twelve hours without food or energy. It needs to replenish its blood sugar stores. Blood sugar, or glucose, which comes forms the breakdown of food in the body, is your body's main source of energy. Eating food provide your body with a fresh supply of blood glucose or energy. The bran in particular needs a fresh supply of glucose each day, because that is its main source of energy.

While nutritionists recommend eating a healthy breakfast every morning a lot of people still do not realize 1 in 5 Australian adults skip breakfast at least 3 days per week, while 1 in go adolescents go to school hungry. I also, according to the 2007 national children's nutrition and physical activity study.1 in 10 children skip breakfast regularly 2.



Breakfast skippers 22%

Breakfast skippers 26%        

Not enough time.

Too tired to bother.

Wanting to spend he extra time dozing in bed.

no reading available breakfast foods in the house.

If I skipped breakfast I'll normally have some fresh food, since it's quick and fast to eat and I can still concentrate when I'm learning new things at school

Calcium: calcium is necessary for the growth and maintenance of strong teeth and bones , never signaling, muscle contraction, and secretion of certain hormones and enzymes. A deficiency in calcium can lead to numbness in fingers and toes, muscle cramps, convulsions, lethargy, loss of appetite, and abnormal heat rhythms. The RDA for calcium is  1000mg, below is a Liston high calcium foods.

Which foods that have high in calcium:

Dried herds

Cheese & lots more

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