The Southern Colonies

The Tropics of the New World

Colony Descriptions

This absolutely gorgeous place in the New World is made up of five different colonies and let me just say, everyone of them is spectacular!

Maryland- The beautiful colony of Maryland has low, fertile land that is surrounded by the amazing Chesapeake Bay. The weather in Maryland is cold and rainy in the Winters and it is hot and humid in the Summers.

Virginia-  The colony of Virginia has the most beautiful costal lowlands and wooded mountains that you will ever see!! The great thing about this colony is the Winters are mild and the Summers are warm and a little bit humid.

North Carolina/South Carolina- These colonies have beautiful costal lowlands and have quite a few swamps. Just like the colony of Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina have mild Winters that are absolutely gorgeous and some partly humid Summers.

Georgia- The colony of Georgia has some great wetlands and is know for its red-clay plains. It also has great forested mountains!! The Winters in this colony are very short and mild which means that the Summers are long, hot, and just a little bit humid.

Seeing as all of the colonies in this region are nice and warm, that means we have the overall best and longest growing seasons!!! And, because we have mild Winters, your growing season is almost all year-round!!


Some of the best cash crops can be grown in the Southern Colonies due to the warm and damp climate and the cool thing is, almost every colony has their own kind of specific crop. The colonies with their cash crops are listed below:

Virginia and Maryland: Tobacco

North Carolina: Wood from pine forests

South Carolina and Georgia: Rice, Indigo, and Cotton

The soil in the Southern Colonies was very rich which is a huge benefit when it comes to growing those cash crops!! Almost all of the clothing that we where is made out of cotton which is a big benefit for Georgia seeing as that is one of Georgia's main cash crops!!


There are quite a few different industries here in the Southern Colonies and just like our agriculture, most of our colonies have their own kind of industry. These industries are listed below:

Maryland: Manufacturing (shipbuilding and iron works.)

Virginia: Plantation Agriculture (tobacco, wheat, and corn.)

North Carolina: Plantation Agriculture (indigo, rice, tobacco.)

South Carolina: Plantation Agriculture (indigo, rice, tobacco, cotton, cattle.)

Georgia: Agriculture (indigo, rice, sugar.)

Luckily, all of the industries in the Southern Colonies produce things that we all need!! This is a benefit for these colonies because most everybody from here to England is willing to buy our cash crops which leads to more income for us!! This also benefits us because most of everything that we produce ourselves can be used for everyday life, which means that we don't have to buy these everyday products from any other colonies or England so we save money!!


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