is the 7th grade STAAR Writing test...

Don't panic. Here are some ways to relax during the test.

Technology Policy

None. Zero. Nada. There are NO ELECTRONICS OF ANY KIND allowed on a test day. If you have a device with you, please hand it in now. You will also be required to sign a document on test day that says you do not have any electronic devices on you during testing. This is very important, as it could affect your test scores.

Bathroom Policy

If you need to go to the restroom, please raise your hand. On test day, you may not get up out of your seat for any reason unless you have been acknowledged by your teacher. You will need to sign out and then sign in when you return. Any time spent going to the restroom counts against your time for testing.

Writing Review 7th Grade

Today you will be taking a revising/editing test AND writing an essay . Here are some things to remember as you work:

Use Your Tools

Use whisper phones to help you concentrate AND to help you hear mistakes in the passages you are editing. Read your essay back to yourself. Does it make sense?

Highlighters help you focus on important information in the text AND in the questions.

Look up ANY words that you do not know in the dictionary. This includes words in the passages, questions, answer choices, and writing prompts. You may also use a Thesaurus so that you can add bling words to your essay. NO BORING WORDS ALLOWED!

Use Your Strategies

  • Take your time
  • Go back to the paragraph(s) the question is asking about and REREAD THEM!
  • Plug it in! Plug the answer choices into the passage to see which one is correct.
  • Highlight or circle important words in the question
  • Take notes in the margin
  • Check your work
  • Fill in your bubbles darkly and neatly

Writing Your Essay

  • Analyze the prompt carefully. What is it asking you to write about?
  • Remember that an expository essay EXPLAINS a subject.
  • Pay attention to the quote. It can give you clues about what to include in your writing.
  • Brainstorm ideas and go with your best one.
  • Write a strong thesis statement for your expository essay and make sure you include ONLY information that will support your thesis.
  • Plan and organize your paper. You can make an outline or create a graphic organizer.
  • Write a rough draft and then revise/edit before you start a final copy.
  • Write in handwriting that is easy for anyone on the planet to read.
  • DO NOT write outside of the 26 lines included on your final copy paper.