Karen tales: The Stupid Boy

Some stories my nanny would tell me about

There once was a boy who lived with his grandmother, he was lazy and selfish. So one day his grandma told him to go get a bird for dinner. So he went off into the jungle and caught the bird, and then he told it to fly to his grandmother's house so she could cook it. Obviously, it flew off. So when the boy went home, his grandma was quite angry at him:
"You have to bang its head and put it in the bag you stupid boy!!"
The next day the boy was told to go get some mushrooms, and when he found some, he beat them up and stuffed them into the bag. His grandma was furious:
''You have to carefully pick them up you stupid boy!!"
Next, he was told to find some honey. When he found a bees nest, he carefully plucked it and stowed it into the bag, but he got bitten by bees and had to run away- without the bag. Again, his grandma was mad, and she said:
"You have to wave fire around it so the bees can fall asleep you stupid boy!!"
Again, the boy set off in the jungle, he was looking for something yellow (the bee's nest) and he came up to a hermit, dressed in tiger skins. "hello young boy, what can I do for you?" asked the Hermit. The boy replied: Grandma said I had to wave fire around you, and so I will" And he burnt the hermit to death. When he told his grandma what he had done, she was horrified,
"You have to bow down and pray to a hermit, you stupid boy!!"
This time, the boy went out looking for a hermit, he wanted to apologize for what he had done. He was walking around until he fell apon something. It was orange and black, just like that hermit, so he sat down and prayed. The boy got eaten on the spot, he wasn't bowing down to a hermit, but to a hungry tiger.

The end.

Always use your brain logically.

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