Human Trafficking

In plain sight

Human Trafficking has become one of the largest crimes in the world we live in today. It’s a form of Modern Day Slavery where people profit from the control and exploitation of others. It’s committed all over the world, China, Arabia, America, Russia, Germany, Hawaii, everywhere. Anywhere it can be done, it willbe done. The same goes for crimes like murder, theft, assault, etc.

Human Trafficking often leads to other crimes including prostitution, slavery, child pornography….women and children all over the world are in risk of being victims. Every day that something isn’t done is a day that over 100 women & children are taken.

This crime has been around since before the 1400s and the fact that its still around today proves that people aren’t doing as much as they should. Some people even watch this happen and do nothing about it. Over the past 10 years over 2.4 million people have become victims of this crime…and these are only the ones that have been reported and/or stopped. And about 80% of these victims are used as sex slaves, even the children. Its estimated that there are over 100,000 children in the sex trade each year, and that’s just in the US. Imagine how many children are in the sex trade in Africa, Iran, Taiwan, China, and Arabia. Others are used as house slaves, prostitutes, porn stars, anything their “Master” wishes. Some slaves are used as private sex slaves that are locked up in a house and never allowed to leave. Some can’t read or right, some don’t even know what year it is. And some have forgotten what it feels like to be outside. Others are used as house slaves, cleaning their “Master’s” house, cooking, taking care of his kids. And in some cases where the “Master” is drunk or angry, house slaves are used as his personal punching bag. Beat on them all you want and they won’t fight back because they know it’ll only make things much worse than they already are.

The victims aren’t even the only ones suffering from this crime. Imagine a 23-year-old woman being abducted. What about her family? Her friends? Her kids? Think if that woman was your mom or wife, how would you feel?

There’s a very simple solution to this problem, PAY ATTENTION AND SPEAK UP. The same rules that are in school apply to being an eye on the streets for the police. If you see this crime happening or hear about something having to do with it, then find the nearest police station or telephone and report it. Its not that hard, you spend all day on the phone anyway.

The world’s law enforcement has even come up with “Red Flags” to indicate human trafficking. These can easily be found by using a computer or cell phone to Google it. You have 2 eyes and 2 ears, its time to put them to use people. Or would you rather wait until someone in your family gets abducted? Its always “Who cares?” until you’re the one who’s the victim or friends/family with the victim.

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2 years ago

Human trafficking is disgusting, I hope to god it all ends. #freedom

2 years ago

Oh don't we all?