George Norris

by Conner Robinson


George Norris was a helpful, successful man who helped get electricity to the farmers. Now every January 5th farmers celebrate that they have electricity . Before this they used oil. Electricity made their life better. Read my presentation to learn more about George Norris.

Early life

George Norris was born near Clyde, Ohio on July 11thin 1861. He was the 11th child of Scotch-Irish parents. When he was only 3 years old his Father died, so he was raised by his Mother. He went to a public school, and his favorite subject was Speech. He liked politics and also developed his interest in politics early in life. He also worked his way through Northern Indiana schools.

Adult Life

In 1885 George Norris settled in Nebraska. He visited every continent in the United States.

In 1899 he moved to McCook. Then he met a girl named Pluma Lashley and married her. Then had a baby named Hazel. in the 11years Pluma Lashley died. Then George got to spend more time with his daughter Hazel. In the next two years he married another girl.

He became focused on government. He thought that two house system was cost too much money so he wanted only one house system. George Norris believed a unicameral would be good for our state. He said the states two-house systems were too expensive. Then he traveled around trying to get support for the unicameral so much his car was wore out. Then he died at the age of 83 in 1944.


George opposed entry into World War 1. George Norris helped the farmers to get electricity. George is known for starting the Tennessee Valley Authority . The Tennessee Valley Authority provided food control and created electricity in the Region drained by Tennessee River. Now every January 5th the farmers celebrate him.

He was also one of the best known politicians of his time. He also brought about a lot of changes in our government. In 1933 he helped pass the 20th amendment for the state of Nebraska to create an Unicameral. Then he became a member of the House of Representatives. Then he served in Congress from 1902-1942 He served 5 terms in Congress. He was also elected to the United States House of Representatives.


George Norris was known for helping the farmers get electricity through the creation of the TVA, so they didn’t have to use oil. Now they celebrate him every January 5th

He is best know for being the creator of the Unicameral government here in Nebraska. We are the only state to have a one house legislature.

George died in his home


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