Events Leading to the Civil War

Slavery was a key factor leading to the Civil War
John Brown's rebellion on Harpers Ferry was an attempt to leading slaves to rebellion against slavery. It too was an event leading to War.


- Final written words of radical abolitionist John Brown, recorded on the day of his death, 2 December 1859"If it is right to preclude or abolish slavery in a Territory, why should it be allowed to remain in the States?... In spite of all disclaimers and professions there can be but one end to the submission by the South to the rule of a sectional Antislavery Government at Washington; and that end, directly or indirectly, must be the emancipation of the slaves of the South....the people of the non-slaveholding North are not and cannot be safe associates of the slaveholding South under a common Government."

- Democratic Senator Stephen A. Douglas, in a speech delivered in Chicago, Illinois, July 1858 "I have always hated slavery, I think, as much as any Abolitionist."

Events to Know

-Missouri Compromise (1820)

-Tariff of Abominations (1828)

-Nat Turners rebellion (1831)

-Compromise of 1850

-Uncle Toms Cabin

-Bleeding Kansas

-Election of Abraham Lincoln

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