Guru Harkrishan

Mance Revell Jr. , Mrs. Fitzwater - 10/28/2013

Guru Harkrishan was born July 7, 1656 to Guru Har Rai and Krishan Kaur. Before Guru Har Rai died he appointed his younger son Harkrishan as the next Guru instead of his other son Ram Rai who was collusion with the mughals. Guru Harkrishan was only five years when he received the guruship. Harkrishan father Guru Har Rai instructed him to not meet Aurengzeb.Guru Harkrishan didn't listen to his father and he went looking for Aurengzeb in the Delhi

The following tells you how Guru Harkrishan contribute to Sikhism:

  • Harkrishan went on to help the people who was suffering and Sikhs is not against to help any religion.
  • He also the Muslims which is not his religion

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