Sadie Robertson

Biography Project for Mrs. Hemry's 8th grade Language Arts class made by Madison L.

Sadie Robertson was born on June 17, 1997 in her Monroe, Louisiana home.

Significant Events in History that Affected Sadie's Life

1. Duck Dynasty started in 2012, and her whole life turned completely around.

2. Sadie's Grandpa Phil had said something that was against people. With being in the public eye, people are always looking for you to mess up. Unfortunately, Papaw Phil had said somethings and people were out against him.

3. Sadie was asked to go on a mission trip with her church and she took that opportunity. She then saw how grateful her life is in the United States compared to others in different countries.   

4. Being on Dancing With The Starts has affacted her because now being out there in the public, everybody now knows who she is.  

Sadie's Childhood

As a young child, Sadie has always believed in God. While she was young she would preach out to family and friends, and she wasn't afraid too.  Sadie's family was very wealthy before  Duck Dynasty started, however the have  they became millionaires since the show. While Sadie was young her family still continued to grow, her family adopted Will and were soon later blessed with Bella. She does have 2 other siblings, Rebeca and John Luke.  

People who have influenced Sadie's life

1. Willie Robertson, Sadie's dad is very protective over Sadie. I think that that is very important.

2. Korie Howard Robertson, Sadie's mom is always giving Sadie edvice and encouraging her to do great things.

3. John Luke, Sadie and her brother are very close in age and they are the type of best friends who hang out together at night and talk about everything.

Unique facts...

1. Sadie was asked to play quarter back for her school football team.

2. Sadie stars on t.v A&E's Duck Dynasty.

3. Sadie is very religious and she stays true to her values.

4. Sadie works with Sherri Hill's Company, the biggest prom dress designer in America. She created a line of dresses called "Daddy Approved".

5. Sadie plays basketball for her school in Monroe, Louisiana.


1. Sadie was on the t.v show Dancing With the Stars, season 19, and came runner-up.

2. In 2013, she ranked 6th in her state of Louisiana for javelin throwing.

3. Every year Sadie spends her summers on mission trips sponsored by her church and working at a Christian youth camp spreading her message to others about being confident.

The theme for Sadie's life was...

While reading Sadie Robertson's book, Live Original, I learned about life from Sadie to literally live original. This book has inspired me to become a better friend and overall a better person. Living Original to me is living proudly and how God has designed you and giving Him your blessings. Don't be afraid to stand up for what you believe in. After reading this book my confidence has got in stronger. The most inspiring book I have ever read.

Sadie's words of advice and what she has taught me..

"Real confidence does not come and go. Real confidence is inside you, and it stays with you no matter what you go through" (51).  

"You have the potential to be a great friend, and if you are a great friend, you'll have great friends in return" (110).

"One way to think about taking responsibility is to look at it as the opposite of blaming other people" (58).

The quotes I chose are very inspiring, I think. Everybody has confidence but not everybody shows it and like she said it stays with you no matter what. The second quote is about friends, if you care for them and try to be the person they can come to if they need help. You'll get those friends in return. The last quote I chose is about responsibility. I think this is about you standing up and taking the blame rather then blaming it on someone who didn't actually do it. Yes, you could get in trouble, however it is being responsible.

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