-This picture is showing you what salmonella looks like inside your body.

-Salmonella is one of the most common food illnesses in the United States. The main sources of salmonella is:

1.Contaminated eggs, poultry, and meat

2.Unpasteurized milk or cheese and also raw fruits and vegetables.


In this picture it showing the area affected which is the stomach and intestines the symptoms of salmonella.

The symptoms are said to last from 4 to 7 days. The incubation period is for at most 72 hours.

Salmonella from foods we Eat Daily

Salmonella can be caused by many foods we eat on a daily basis. Poultry and meat are a big deal when it comes to salmonella because if they are contaminated you run a very high risk of catching a food born illness .

Other sources of the illness come from animals like amphibians and reptiles, but it can also come from pet food and treats. Some of the animals you may get it from are (snakes, turtles, lizards,frogs, birds and more.)

Ways to prevent it

In the video she is giving you tips on how to keep from getting salmonella and what you will need to help you.

1.Some ways that you can help yourself are by washing utensils after use

2. Washing your hands after handling animals or cleaning up after an animal is important.

3.Also making sure that uncooked foods do not come into contact with cooked foods is a way to protect yourself against salmonella.

How to know if you have it

The symptoms to salmonella poisoning are important to know for if you ever get it. Salmonella can be prevented but that doesn't mean you aren't going to get it. In the video it tells you the main ways to know if you have food poisoning and how to figure out what caused it.

Other ways people get Salmonella

Animals and their environment are another way that people get salmonella. These are just some of the animals that can cause you to get the illness:

1.Amphibians( Frogs)

2.Reptiles( snakes, turtles, lizards)

3. Birds , and baby chicks can also

People most likely at Risk

Children or people with low immune systems are at the highest risk of getting salmonella. Infants are especially at high risk. The most common type of salmonella is the type carried by animals like cows , reptiles , and chickens.

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