Andriy Yuryevich Kurkov is a Ukrainian novelist and an independent thinker who writes in Russian. He is the author of 13 novels. His work is currently translated into 25 languages, including English, Japanese, French, German, Italian, Chinese, Swedish and Hebrew.

Kurkov's first novel was published two weeks before the fall of the Soviet Union, and in the ensuing social and political turmoil he made the first steps towards self-publishing and distribution. Borrowing money from friends to fund his work he managed to publish independently. While organising distribution around Ukraine, he would also sell copies by hand from stalls on busy streets.

Like many successful writers, Kurkov had difficulty getting his first publishing contract. He reportedly received 500 rejections before being accepted, in which time he had written almost eight complete novels.

Later in his career he won acclaim as one of the most successful Ukrainian authors in the post-Soviet era and featuring on European bestseller lists.

Kurkov lives in Kiev with his English wife, Elizabeth, and four children.


"The bullet has found a hero"

"The bullet has found a hero" - a fantastic final novel trilogy A.Kurkova "Geography of a single shot." Protagonists survived a terrible, bloody war and are ready to give all the power to recover from the ruins of their homeland. Everything is fine and stable postwar world again, only still flying bullet on him. Such her fate - only killing the hero, she finds peace. A non-heroes killed it already set, went right through him, and again in flight! Which of the characters will thus be elected?

"The milkman in the Night"

... What determines the future of the country? You probably think of the currency and gold reserves? Maybe. But the author has another version. One of the characters of his novel every morning goes to Kiev from the suburbs to hand over money for breast milk. One pharmacist for their pharmaceutical experiments pays life. One policy was at his dacha church to retire there with God and with a bottle of "Hennessi." And all three of the future of Ukraine. Only here the unknown: whether all enjoy is the future?

Andriy Kurkov about Maidan

Arseniy Yatsenyuk Open Ukraine Foundation supported the release of a book by Andriy Kurkov "Maidan Diary" in German language. The book present day of the country: explanation about Holodomor, Stepan Bandera, "The Right Sector", about some other personalities of the politicum.

The book will be published in French, German, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Ukrainian and Russian languages.

"It’s my personal view, these are my diaries, that I have been writing since 21st November. Almost every day I described events and how I perceived hem, I described my reflections. Where it's needed to be explained, I explained, gave comments. I explain to foreigners some moments of Ukrainian history or today's reality", – Andriy Kurkov said.

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