Development Prospect of Gold Metal Detector

There are many historical treasures hiding underground, and we couldn't get them due to some geographical factors. In this context, metal detector is invented as the time demands.

X Ray baggage scanner company is a most popular instrument in detecting alluvial gold, gold particles, gold nugget in gold prospecting areas. It is one kind of new products made by using advanced foreign technology and imported components. Having an alias named underground metal detector, it mainly consists of detecting plate and host. Gold metal detector is a new type professional gold detector with high efficiency. Owning a most advanced electronic technology, its practical design represents the leading edge of detection technology.

Hand Held liquid detector has lots of superior characteristics including deep detectivity, accurate positioning capacity and precise resolution. Also, it is energy conservation and environmental protection. It is durable and has a long service life. It can detect deepest depths at 7 to 8 meters.

Why is gold metal detector from baggage inspection supplier so brilliant and irreplaceable? It adopts advanced balance regulating system, which only detects metal signal we need and eliminates other signals caused by sundry. And it only sounds when the detector plate faces toward metal objections. Thus it effectively rules out "mineral compound interference", which greatly improves the detecting depth of the instrument and accuracy.

Because of gold metal detector’s good performance, it has a very wide application range.

It is mainly used to detect buried underground metal cultural relic and gold and silver treasures; Also, telecom, electric power and other administrative departments use it to probe the position of underground line pipe and cable; archaeological department and mining sector use it to detect iron, mineral; police department uses it to detect a criminal case; customs uses it to conduct safety inspections, etc. Also, it can be used in our daily life. For example, it can be used to check the post and metal objects in the bags. Also, we can check metal foreign bodies in foods by using it.

From the wide application of X Ray baggage scanner on sales mentioned above, we can know that its development prospect is bright.

In the past, if people want to find underground treasure, they must use human resources. But it wasted manpower and cost resources. When customs conducted safety inspection once, they made a body search, which was unsafe and impolite. When one’s luggage needed to be checked, luggage would be opened, which was really inconvenient. However, gold metal detector solves this problem perfectly. It can distinguish nonferrous metal and black metal. Also we can choose metal target we need or not need according to specific circumstances to rule out those targets that we do not need to find. This is the reason why gold metal detector is so popular at present.

Relying on its advantages of high efficiency, gold metal detector must be more and more popular in this era of science and technology. We must continue to reform and innovate it, making it develops rapidly with the progress of the society.