Crystal Light Liquid


Positioning & Target Market

Crystal Light products have traditionally been marketed as fun, better tasting, low calorie enhancements or alternatives to water. Crystal Light offers a guilt free, low calorie product without sacrificing taste. Individual Crystal Light products are positioned based not only on core product attributes such as flavour and low calorie level, but also based on actual product attributes such as packaging (e.g. single use) and product form (drink mix to add to water).

Some of Crystal Light's newer products such as "mocktails" and caffeinated mixes are positioned based on product class, as the brand moves into the party beverage and energy drink categories. The consistency of positioning across all Crystal Light products, along with the offering of products that are marketed specifically to fulfill different needs in different situations creates brand salience for the consumer. In addition to being positioned consistently with the Crystal Light brand, Crystal Light Liquid is positioned based on the product's liquid form attribute, which creates the perception that Crystal Light Liquid is versatile in terms of usage and allows for choice. The connection of the versatility and flexibility of the product to the social or psychological need of the consumer to feel excitement, freedom, spontaneity and fun creates brand meaning for the consumer and acts as a leverage point.

As a print advertisement placed in Glamour Magazine, this campaign targets young to middle aged female dieters. The members of Crystal Light Liquid's target market are young or young-at-heart and value excitement, fun, choice and variety in their lives. These women buy fat- and sugar-free products, and want to maintain their diets without sacrificing enjoyment. This market fantasizes about spontaneity despite real life routine and stress.Crystal Light Liquid has been positioned as an indulgence without the guilt, effectively appealing to today's busy, health conscious consumer.

Message Design & Delivery

This campaign influences consumers at the Evaluation of Alternatives step of the Purchase Decision-Making Process, corresponding to the Liking, Preference, and Conviction stages of the Hierarchy of Effects Model. Crystal Light's target market possesses an existing product need for diet beverage products, and an emotional need for flexibility, self-respect, fun, and spontaneity.  The target market is well informed about the product attributes of different diet beverages. This advertisement serves to create a link between the product benefits and consumer's emotional needs to ensure that an emotional connection is developed and that Crystal Light Liquid is included in the consumer's evoked set of alternatives. The photos and quotation in the advertisement encourage positive feelings about the product as it relates to the consumer's perception of herself. By highlighting product attributes, the advertisement creates the perception that buying Crystal Light Liquid is an effective means of fulfilling emotional needs and values (e.g. low calorie > healthy > self-respect). This advertisement uses affective tactics, relating product attributes to consumer values to act as leverage points. The executional framework that this advertisement uses is demonstration. The advertisement shows how the product can be used, communicating product attributes. This campaign follows a Cognitive-Affective-Conative model of attitude development and change. A positive attitude is formed by the consumer first learning about the product, then developing positive feelings, and finally developing purchase intentions.  

Second Message Delivery Tool

A recommended extension to this print advertisement is a marketing campaign that integrates out-of-home advertising, selective sampling and contests. This campaign will promote Crystal Light in an unexpected way to  appeal emotionally to the target market and maintain a consistent message across an integrated marketing communications campaign.  

The campaign will launch immediately, as soon as possible after the launch of the product. The sampling portion of the campaign will consist of a branded drinking fountain, filled with three tanks of different flavours of Crystal Light liquid being placed in Central Park, New York City for 48 hours.

The fountain will feature 3 buttons marked with question marks which will each correspond to a different flavour. The water fountain will be branded with the Crystal Light Liquid name and photos of the product, and will prominently feature the hashtag "#BeUnpredictable". This is consistent with the fun, exciting, versatile image of the product. In addition, the hashtag feature will integrate the campaign with Crystal Light's Twitter page, where customers will be encouraged to upload photos or tweets about spontaneous things they have done recently. Central Park is an ideal location for the placement of the drinking fountain, as New York City's image is compatible with the branding of Crystal Light Liquid. In addition, it is a highly trafficked area where weight-conscious individuals frequently exercise.  

Customers will be encouraged to tweet video clips of themselves doing spontaneous, fun activities during a contest for the 3 weeks following the sampling campaign. The winner of the video submission contest will win a makeover and shopping spree to connect to the theme of "for every shade of you".  A YouTube video will be created at the end of the contest using footage gathered by a video camera at the drinking fountain, as well as footage gathered from the contest.

The objective of this campaign is to command attention and drive brand equity through the use of marketing tactics that are unexpected and consistent with the brand identity.  This campaign will strive to move consumers through to the purchase decision step of the purchase decision making process through sampling, and will strive for success in the conviction and actual purchase stages of the Hierarchy of Effects model. The unexpected placement of the fountain and product within will align with the advertisement's assertion that "anything is possible" and will adhere to the following themes: versatility, excitement, and choice. This campaign will serve as another leverage point between the emotions mentioned in the above text, and will aim to create an emotional connection to the product in a unique way. The goal of this campaign is to attach the product to a fun and memorable, out of the ordinary experience.

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