Book Report

By Mana Rose

The Black Stallion

The author is Walter Farley, and the illustrator is Keith Ward. The genre is realistic fiction. The plot development for my book is Man vs. Nature. The protagonist is Matt the main character and the antagonist is basically nature. The characters are Matt, the stallion, Matt's father, and mother. The other characters are minor characters. The main character Matt is brave, courageous, daring, and kind. Matt also has may other traits. The main settings in my book  are, the island that Matt and the Black spent together stranded on, and New York, Matt's home, and where the Black lives with him. The island was rough, deserted, harsh, and small. Matt's home in New York was, comforting, large, modern, and wide. I would recommend this book to anyone who loves horses, adventure, Survival, and Classics.


             A boy that was on a ship called The Drake, had just got back from staying with his uncle in India. His name is Alexander, or more commonly, Alec. On his way back to his home in New York city, and they took aboard a wild stallion.

              Alec had interest in this horse. Alec had spent time with his uncle and he had learned much about horses. Every night he came after diner with sugar in his pockets and started to feed this wild creature. The horse became fond of Alec because the last few times he brought sugar, he no longer hid his face in the stall, and he looked at Alec without alarm.

                Then one night there was a storm. As the ship began to sink., Alec let the stallion loose just in time, and they jumped of the boat together. The stallion swam fast, and Alec grabbed on to the rope. The stallion led Alec right to a small island. Alec and the stallion's relationship grew and they learned to trust each other. Alec tried to ride the stallion, and he succeeded.

                 Then after months they were rescued by a ship, and they were brought to a dock. There they boarded onto another ship. Once they got home the stallion was uneasy about noise. Alec's neighbors let him use the stalls they had. The stallion met another horse and they became friends.

                One day Henry (the owner of the stalls), and Alec had to go looking for the Black (the stallion). They found him at a local park that was miles wide, after he ran away. Henry showed Alec his racing metals, and Henry said that Alec could enter the race with the stallion. But then they had a problem and the stallion had no record of who his sire and dam where, and the horse has to be registered as a thoroughbred.

                 In the winter the snow fell and the black had never seen snow before, so after it stopped Alec took him for a ride. Henry and Alec took him to a old friend of Henry's, to help train the black to ride. When they raced around the track, they broke a record. Henry couldn't believe it. After, they heard about Cyclone, and Sun Raider,they thought they could race,but there was a problem,the track was rented and there was very little chance of getting in.

                 The stallion was in  the news, and the reporter said that the horse could beat Cyclone and Sun raider. The newspaper had gotten the black into the race. Soon they where on the train to Chicago. They went to the race and the Black won.      


Something I noticed in the writing was that the author used very descriptive writing, and that the author put lots of emotion and emphasis into his writing. Something I noticed about the illustrations where that they where very detailed, and the illustrator illustrated only the important parts of the story. This book reminded me of my fathers friend's horses, and when I rode them. The connection with the story is that, when I rode them they were becoming more fond of me. The horses where not stallions like Alec's horse though.


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