By: Emory Robinson and Katherine Brown


Our artifact is the volleyball. The volleyball is used to play with in a sport. The inventor was William G. Morgan, and he invented the volleyball in 1895. William graduated high school at Northfield Mount Hermon school. Then, he moved on to attend the YMCA International Training school with James Naismith, the inventor of the basketball. William was motivated by basketball and wanted to make a game more suitable for older people at the YMCA, so he made volleyball.


The volleyball was originally called the minoette, but was changed to the volleyball since there is so much "volleying" involved in the game. At first, when it wasn't a professional sport you wore no gear. But later on when it became a professional sport, they decided that you would need to wear gear. The gear that they wear today is elbow pads, knee pads, and you have to wear a certain type of shoes.

Positives and Negatives

The positives of a volleyball is that people love the way it was used and that it is a very fun game that anyone can play anywhere. The negatives of the volleyball is that you could hurt yourself while playing the game.


Science, technology, engineering, and math are all involved with the volleyball. For example, how to hit the volleyball over the net. Scientists- You will use science to figure out what material to make it out of, so it wont be to hard and hurt. Technology- You will have to use technology to figure out which part of the body to hit it with so it will go over the net, without it hurting. Engineering- You will need to use engineering to make the structure of the volleyball and make it. Math- You will use math to figure out at which angle to hit it at, so it will not go out of bounds. The area of technology that best describes our artifact is energy and power. I think that it is energy and power because you have to use energy and power to hit it, to the point where it is over the net.


"Somewhere behind the athlete you've become and the hours with a coach who pushes you is a little girl who fell in love with the game and never looked back. Play for her." -Unknown

"Be a leader. A setter should be high energy. It's important that you learn how to give positive constructive criticism. It's crucial that you make your teammates  feel comfortable. You should never be the most silent player in the gym." Lindsey Berg

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