Back to The Past by Gabby Caudill

   So I woke up after a long night with my friends, to find they weren't with me this morning. I know last night wasn't a dream.. They were passed out even before we made it to my room.. But that wasn't the only thing off, the place I'm in isn't my room. I look around and it looks like a hotel room and it is really fancy, like the 1920's kind of thing. I could never pay for something like this. I go to the window and see that I'm not in my little town, I'm in New York and it is in the 1920's. I don't know how I got here.. Last night my friends and me were messing with this weird piece of metal that we found and I was the one to pick it up, so that must be the reason that I'm here and why I'm the only one here.

   I've always wanted to go back to the 1920's ever since I read and seen the movie Gatsby. Reading about a life with no worries, just love and happiness made me want to go the 1930's and now I'm finally here. I would love to live in the big, fabulous house that Gatsby lived in. I always thought about the big party's that I would throw.. I would love to try to be a flapper too. Life the 20's wouldn't bother me, I would love to be in that period. I feel like I would fit in fine with the lifestyle of the 20's.

   Even though I would love being in the 20's, I don't if I could be stuck in them. I know about the Great Depression and I don't really want to be around for that. I guess I have no choice. I don't really know how I got here anyways, so of course I don't know how to get back. I guess I'm just screwed and left in the 20's. After a few hours of walking around New York, I head back to the hotel room I woke up in. I head straight to the bed because I'm so tired, today has been an overwhelming day.

   I wake up the next morning or at least I thought it was the next morning. I wake up to my two friends laying on top of me, taking up half my bed. At this point, I'm so confused but then again I'm just happy to be back in 2015. I wake my friends up telling them the whole story.

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2 years ago

I'm not taking up half the bed I'm squished between you and Taylor