Dmitri Mendeleev

image in his 60's

What he did...

This man created the periodic table in 1869 while he lived in Russia.

Fun facts!!!!

He attended collage at saint Petersburg

He was married to Feozva Nikitichna Leshcheva in 1862-1871, the he married Anna Ivanova Popova in 1882

When he proposed to Anna he threated suicide.

He was raised as a Orthodox Christian.

He helped found the first oil refinery.

What he created  

Scientific facts

He found the different types of elements.

Used his periodic table to predict the existence and properties od new chemical elements.

He was not the only one to make a periodic table, John Newlands also did.

He got rejected by the university of Moscow as a child.

He predicted a  lot of elements before they were eve discovered. 

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