Safe web surfing

Safe tips for web surfing

1. Do not give any personal information such as your address, credit card, if they ask you for it you should not give it out. If it is someone you know very well like your neighbour or classmate you should still not do it.

2. All kids should be warned about scammers, clicking on ads and spam e-mails. It can lead to viruses and can causes sever problems to your computer.

3. Make sure you have a strong password for accounts that you make. If you have a weak password i can easily be cracked.

4. Stay on safe sites and don't download anything without asking your parent(s) or guardian(s). The download can lead to viruses and other bad stuff.

5. Do not trust Nigerian princes, if they ask you for 40,000$ do not give them 40,000$, If you do all of these you, your family and your computer should be safe

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