How long do chimpanzees live?

In the wild, they live around 35-40 years. In the zoo they live up to 60 years. Male chimpanzees in the wild  live around 31 years. Females in the wild live around 38 years. Males in the zoo live around 52 years. Females live around 58 years.

Why are chimpanzees endangered?   

People have been hunting chimpanzees and killing them. They've also died because loggers were cutting down too many trees. Because chimpanzees spend most of their time in trees, and if we take that away from the chimpanzees then their population will decrease.They've even died from many different diseases. Cimpanzees  have already disapeared from 4 different African countries.

How can we stop chimpanzees from being endangered?

Pass laws to where you can't kill chimpanzees.If we can pass this law then there will be more chimpanzees.  Also we can limit the amount of trees to be cut down by loggers. Also separate chimpanzees from other predators. And if we do this the chimpanzee population will expand.

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