By Kendall Sweeney

what are dolphins?
dolphins are mammals that live in the ocean. they are related to whales and whales and porpoises, dolphins give live birth,dolphins are from different from porpoises because porpoises have sharp teeth and dolphins have round teeth. also,dolphins are simalre to humans because they give live birth ,they eat meat like us , and they are warm blooded like us.there are 36 over all types of dolphins. 32 are salt water dolphins, and 4 are different types of river dolphins. dolphins can also be grey,black,and pink. Also,they can weigh 30lg-5ton and can go in the water as much as 200-300 feet. dolphins can hold there breath from 1 -2 minutes in the water.
did you also know that dolphins can be found all over the world and in exotic places!

mom dolphins -cow
dad dolphin -bull
baby dolphin -calf