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How Does Yellow Fever Spread and What Causes it?

The interesting thing about Yellow Fever is that it cannot spread between contact. The virus is in your blood, so the only way it could possibly spread would be through needles. Yellow fever can be caused by monkeys and mosquito that are infected with the disease. When a mosquito bites you, it transfers the disease into your blood.

What are the Symptoms of Yellow Fever?

There are many different symptoms of Yellow Fever. Yellowing of the skin and eyes, and a fever is common. That is how Yellow Fever got its name. The Yellowing of the skin and eyes happens due to liver damage. Other symptoms are headache, backache, muscle pain, nausea, vomiting, vomiting black, bruises, and chills. In very serious cases, Yellow Fever could lead to internal bleeding, coma, and even death. Yellow Fever is a very serious illness.

What Kinds of Medicine Did Doctors Have to Cure Yellow Fever?

In the 18th century, Dr. Rush came up with a method called bloodletting. Bloodletting is when doctors cut you with a knife, then they drained the blood into a bucket. They usually did this until the patient fainted. Many doctors were against this method because draining they thought that draining the blood didn't cure it. If Yellow Fever is in your blood, then you would have to drain all of your blood. If you drained all of your blood, then you would die. Dr. Rush also came up with a type of medicine. It was 15 grains of jalap, and 10 grains of mercury salt. Other doctors didn't like that method either.

How Does This Historical Event Continue to Impact our Lives Today? What Lessons Have We Learned From This Event?

Yellow Fever is still occurring today. There are about 30,000 deaths per year due to Yellow Fever. There are about 200,000 cases worldwide. Doctors have studied this virus and now have a vaccine to prevent it. Yellow Fever is a very common in Africa. Before flying over to Africa or Latin America, the airport requires proof that you have been vaccinated. Yellow Fever has been around for a long time.


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