A fun holiday

Halloween Night!

This is a picture of some of jack-o-lanterns on halloween night. This is a holiday for kids and adults. Lots of people are involved in halloween Americans and Mexicans to. This is a very fun night for everyone who can come out.

Halloween is celebrated in october. On this holiday people dress up in costumes and go trick or treating and get candy. This holiday is a fun day for family's to come together and have fun.

Halloween is celebrated on October the 31st. Many people trick or treat on this day but people can also so do it many days before. such as trunk or treat. But if you don't trick or treat you can always buy candy from the store.

Halloween takes place in many different places. Such as North Carolina, South Carolina, California, Virginia and many more places. I celebrate in in North carolina. You can celebrate at restaurants, houses, parks and more.

On halloween many people say spirits come out and if people dress up the spirits will think that person is another spirit and they want bother you. I don't think it's true

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