\Nathaniel James Tinell


4985 Bill Clinton drive coll

snapchat,com/bci coll

My objective as a professional is to work with other professionals to hopefully sharpen my skills and share my work with them to hopefully add to their skills


kinder - 4th at Dolphin Terrace elementary school

5th - 8th at Jane A. Hambric

now currently enrolled at el dorado 9th grade academy/ pebble hills high school

job experience

June - October 2014

Jesus's lawn service

I was a mower, clearer and a rep

my responsibility's include cutting the grass and weeds clearing it out of the area and disposing of them, after I would discuses with the customer about payment and deliver money to my boss

December 2014 - March 2015

Jesus's lawn service

I had the same title and responsibility's


reading body langue

can tell eye langue

since vibes in people

the ability to stay calm in stressful events

the ability to adapt to many events

quick on my mind